JEGON Industrial Services provides project management, turnaround maintenance, and tower repair.

Tower Repairs, Retro-fit, and Modifications

• Packing and tray installation and replacement
• Field part fabrication
• Retro-fit work
• Clad liner repair and installation
• Distribution systems
• Code repairs such as nozzles and liners
• Cyclone repairs
• Piping, Values, and Boilermaker Services

JEGON provides highly experienced pipe fitters, welders and boilermakers to perform:

• Fabrication and Alteration
• Pipe Repair and Installation
• Installation and removal of blinds
• Vessel and drum repairs
• Valve removal and reinstallation
• Field Fabrication

Our experience includes:

• Crude/Vacuum
• Coker
• Alkylaton (HF and Sulfuric Acid)
• Furnaces and fire heaters
• Petrochemical and olefins plants
• Chlor-Alkali and vinyl
• Utilities and offsites


JEGON insures all mechanical work will be performed as specified by API and ASME standards for Manufacturers Installation Specifications. The same process will be adhere and used in the absence of a client or Engineering, furnished procedure.  All piping and equipment material will be verified proper material grade, class of material, type of material, and proper component installation.

When all work is completed and primary inspections has been performed the craftsmen and field supervisors will perform  a final inspection and notify the QC inspector. The QC sign off sheet shall  be signed off  by  the QC  inspector and the client.

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